Elsa Chocolatier Boutique is the ultimate chocolate destination where fine chocolate is made, displayed, customized, and relished.

At this appetizing space, the thrill of chocolate tasting is magnified by indulgence of all senses in the pleasant processes of chocolate customization, packaging, and presentation.

Elsa Chocolatier Boutique redefines customers’ interaction with chocolate, making it more intimate and immersive.

 Step into a chocolate wonderland where you will

  • Collect delightful memories
  • Create special moments
  • Capture fascinating experiences
  • And travel with delicate creations

In every corner and section of Elsa Chocolatier Boutique, chocolate-customer interaction is redefined. Here, you can take a chocolate trip in the Chocolate Museum where 47 exceptional pieces are displayed–and take any piece you desire home. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, the Gourmet Chocolate Section, home to our master chef chocolatier Charles Azar’s signature collection of Grand Cru single-origin artisan pieces made using limited releases of the world’s most desired Criollo beans, is just around the corner. Learn more about this refined European concept of chocolate and taste the finest Grand Cru pieces on display. For those who dare, the Chocolate Making Live Station is an adult playground where you get to create your own pieces with the help of chocolate connoisseurs following a live demonstration of the intricate art of chocolate making by our master chef. Choose from several molds and flavors, learn the craft of chocolate mixing, and receive the finished pieces in a box of your choice. Once you’re done creating chocolate, feast your eyes on the beautifully displayed boxes full of Elsa Chocolatier pieces of different shapes and flavors on the Pre-Packed Boxes Wall and peruse the Gift Items Wall to find creative gifts for any occasion—or make your own at the Customizable Gifts Corner where you can add your special touch to our special gifts and experience the joy of gift making. The fun extends to the first floor conceived as a social space for celebrations of all sorts. Customize the Event Section area as you please with a variety of displays, props, and readymade gifts and celebrate significant occasions with your loved ones.


Forget diamonds and dogs, at Elsa Chocolatier Boutique, we define chocolate as a sweet soul’s instant best friend. And we’re redefining your interactions with it. Have fun with chocolate!